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Angie Haines of Haines Towing – Bordentown, NJ

In 1946, Angie Haines’ grandfather opened a towing com-pany in Bordentown, New Jersey. Her parents took over the business 30 years later, and today Haines Towing Inc. still sits in its original location. “I grew up in the industry,” says Angie, “and spent my time hanging out at the shop, climbing on trucks, checking out wrecks, shoveling snow off flatbeds and best of all, going out on jobs with my dad.”

Currently vice president of Haines Towing, Angie’s day is spent in the office maintaining driver training/certifications, equipment maintenance records, licenses and registrations and roadway contracts. She also supervises dispatcher train-ing, scheduling and daily procedures, but is quick to point out that “this is a family business, so of course I do whatever, whenever.”

Angie always enjoyed working wrecks with her dad. She still laughs at an old memory involving a Holmes 750 winch-out when she was just a kid. “My dad told me to get in the truck and hold my foot on the brake,” she recalls, “and not let up until he said so.” Too short to reach the pedal from the seat, Angie had to wedge her body between the seat and the brake.
“After what seemed like hours, my legs started quivering,” she smiles, “but I was not about to let go of that brake.”

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