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William J. Pollinger

William J. Pollinger was the first attorney for the Association. He authored the original By-Laws and copyrighted the Association’s logo.

Mr. Pollinger represented towers in suits against municipalities, forcing them to create tow ordinances or place tow contracts out for bid, to level the playing field for all.

Mr. Pollinger wrote the statute allowing municipalities and counties to utilize licensing ordinances rather than bids to regulate towing.

Known throughout the state regarding all issues arising out of the towing industry, Mr. Pollinger has been successful in challenging provisions in ordinances and bid specifications in many cases, from the Trial Court to the Supreme Court, benefiting clients and the industry. He has assured that his clients are treated fairly and awarded the licenses and contracts they deserve.

Mr. Pollinger has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid fees for services performed by towers for recovery, towing and storage.

His decisions include the right to sue leasing companies for storage fees incurred by lessees; the right to a hearing by the low bidder prior to rejection of its bid; and the right to sue owners for fees after their vehicles have been auctioned.

Mr. Pollinger continues to wage campaigns at all levels of government and in all courts of the state for and on behalf of towers and the towing industry.

Visit the website of William J. Pollinger, P.A. at Pollingerlaw.com for an overview of Mr. Pollinger’s other practice areas.