Letter from the GSTA President


May 15, 2020

As President of the Garden State Towing Association, I want to assure you that your association is still up and running. Mary Leigh, myself and the entire executive board is here and available if there is anything you may need. Unfortunately, many of our programs and projects which we were working on for you are on hold because of the virus and shut down of the state.

We hope you, your family, your employees and friends are all well and healthy. The saying “we are all in this together” sounds good, but it’s hard to accept and understand it when your company and personal savings are disappearing. Today, as hard as it may seem, we need all of you to concentrate on staying healthy, strong and positive, so we can all rebuild our future and enjoy good times again. Try not to give up or get discouraged. If needed, reach out to me, Mary Leigh, and our fellow towers for support. You will find that we are all trying to get through the day, the week, and the month the best we can.

Hopefully we will come out of this, and back stronger than before.

We are the unrecognized heroes of the emergency responders. We are there and answer the call regardless of weather, time, and conditions. Towers rarely say no and step up to handle what everyone’s needs may be. We are the problem solver, the get it done people. We may not be health care providers, paramedics, fire, police on the immediate front lines, but we are providing the important services that are needed to keep our roadways open and take care of stranded motorists. Towers are the silent heroes that are in the background, risking their lives every day to serve the motoring public.

I am afraid we and our country may have a long uncertain recovery time ahead. Stay well, stay strong and positive through these uncertain times. Reach out to GSTA if you need help or someone to talk to. I look forward and hope to see you on the other side when we can share a drink and tell our towing stories together amongst friends.


John Glass