Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame to induct Two New Jersey Members!

The Garden State Towing Association would like to congratulate Albert Battelini of Battelini Transportation Services and Mary Leigh Barbusin, formerly the Garden State Towing Association’s Executive Director, on their upcoming induction into the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame. “We are extremely proud to see both Albert and Mary Leigh inducted into the Hall of Fame” said John Glass, President of the Garden State Towing Association. “I am proud to have them as fellow members of the Hall of Fame.” “Albert and Mary Leigh have made contributions that have allowed our industry to continue to make progress and move forward,” said John.

Albert Battelini (Center)

Albert Battelini is owner of Battelini Transportation Services in Landisville NJ, a company that has been around for 101 year and is a multigenerational family business. Albert’s focus has been in the towing and maintenance division, where he has helped many employees and family members become great operators within the Towing and Recovery Industry. Albert has taken pride in sharing his knowledge of the industry as well as his tricks of the trade. He has organized many cross trainings with local fire departments along with open houses where he shares his knowledge with customers and friends. Albert is a family first type of person. This is extremely evident with his dedication to his wife Denise and his beautiful daughters Rebecca and Victoria. He continues to set a great example of devotion, work ethic, and passion.

Mary Leigh Barbusin

Mary Leigh Barbusin is the former Executive Director of the Garden Towing Association. Mary Leigh held the position for 26 years and truly helped develop the Association into what it is today. She devoted her life to making our towing community a better place for all. Mary Leigh’s dedication for Education is very evident in New Jersey as she continued to create classes for Driver Training and Safety while working with TRAA and IITR for a better industry standard. Not only was Mary Leigh active in the towing industry, but she was also very active in her community as well by helping with food and toy drives as well as by aiding Local Animal Shelters.

Other members of the Class of 2023 include Ruth Cardwell Landau, Bruce Jackson, Bud Morgan, Eric Luchini, Rudy Smith, Jon Redman, David Whealon, and Gerardo Cortez Gonzalez.

Albert and Mary Leigh will be inducted into the Hall of Fame along with the Class of 2023 during the Annual Museum Weekend scheduled for September 28 to October 1, 2023. Anyone interested in joining the board in attending the Museum Weekend event is invited to visit for additional information and to make reservations.